Explore the best tips from the professionals how can teachers help students prepare for standardized tests

Finishing school studies is quite a desirable period for students all over the nation; however, the need to take standardized tests to enter college is a challenge for many. That is why we decided to prepare this short guide for teachers and students on how to prepare for SAT and ACT without stress and anxiety. Feel free to read our Standardized Test Prep Tips and share them with your friends so that they could pass all exams as well.

Tell the secret test-taking strategies

If we were to give only one tip on how to teach students to be successful test-takers, we would advise you to tell them all test-taking strategies and hints that you know. As a teacher, you should have seen many real tests’ examples in your life, and probably noticed some patterns that they have. Now it’s time to teach your students the strategies that will allow them to crack the test tasks quickly and earn high scores in the result. 

Correct your teaching accordingly to the tests

If you want your students to succeed on SAT, make sure your study curriculum is aligned with the test content: incorporate the necessary books and topics into your classes and give them for home reading as well. To make a student writing essay better, practice more writing assignments during the final years of school. Encourage your students to use various write my essay services for references, teach them editing skills, and keep track of their progress. All these activities are helping students to eliminate anxiety and uncertainty about SAT and ACT. 

Add similar tasks to the daily curriculum

Another good thing that you can do to prepare your students for standardized testing is incorporating similar activities into your classes. They include a critical reading of various texts, writing essays during the class with time limits, etc. The variations of such activities are endless and depend only on your creativity: you can even assign some of your students to college student essay contests if they are in their final year of high school. Participating in such events will give them valuable experience and will look great in their college admission applications. 

Find out how to reduce students’ stress

As a teacher, your task is not only to teach but also to inspire and create a warm environment in the classroom. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to eliminate the students’ stress and fears of the upcoming tests. Tell them strategies of lowering anxiety on the test day and the day before, teach them to control their worry if they cannot crack the task quickly, and do not push all of them to work on the same level. After all, only a few students are capable of solving problems without any mistakes in a limited time. 

Practice, practice, practice

Finally, the best thing you can do for your students is to practice taking tests of the previous years as their home task and activity in class. Thus, they can understand how real standardized tests are designed, how to format their answers, and what types of tasks are supposed to be during the upcoming standardized test. The better students know the test format beforehand, the higher they score in the test.

As you can see, there are several ways you can make your students’ lives easier and less stressful in the exams’ time. Do not limit yourself to the activities we listed: you always can do even more than that for your students.

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